Slap Happy Cream Review

A lot of people will be reluctant to use creams, oils, gels and other products to enhance their sex life. Many people will dismiss all of these products as scams but a few of them actually work.

One of these is Slap Happy Cream, despite the funny name this product actually works. The difference between Slap Happy and other products is that it is simply a lubricant. Slap Happy’s maker don’t promise you a bigger penis or more pleasure just better lubrication.

Oddly enough Slap Happy Cream wasn’t created as a sexual enhancer. It was created as a masturbation cream but worked so well that people started using for sex with partners as well.

How Slap Happy Cream Works

Slap Happy Cream works by lubricating the penis to reduce friction. This makes the sexual act more comfortable and more pleasurable. It can also reduce pain and unpleasant side effects.

The idea is to make sex smoother and more comfortable for both partners without the side effects of many other products. This isn’t sexual enhancement it’s a simple lubricant.

Advantages to Slap Happy Cream

  • Safety – unlike some other products you can safely use Slap Happy Cream everyday with no side effects.
  • Lubrication – Slap Happy Cream has more lubrication than other products so it actually eliminates friction and makes sex smoother.
  • No irritationSlap Happy Cream is made with a formula designed to reduce irritation so it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • No clogged pores – Unlike other lubricants Slap Happy Cream will not clog the pores on the skin. Clogged pores can cause serious skin problems and infections.
  • Long lasting – You don’t have to interrupt sex to put Slap Happy Cream on again and again. One dose should last you all night.
  • Easy clean up – You should be able to get Slap Cream off with a wipe from a wet cloth or a fast shower.
  • Does not dry out – some products can make your skin dry and cracked. Slap Happy Cream won’t because it doesn’t dry out.
  • Feels good – after you use Slap Happy Cream leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Other products will not do that.
  • Smells good – the scent of Slap Happy Cream is designed to trigger endorphins that can stimulate the sexual urge.

Why You Should Use Slap Happy Cream

Unlike some of those other products Slap Happy Cream has been around for years. Large numbers of men have used it to enhance their sex lives.

If sex is becoming irritating and uncomfortable you should try Slap Happy Cream.

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