Total Curve Review

While exercise and healthy eating can do wonders for the overall shape of your body; they do little for your breast. As women grow older and if child birth is part of the equation; they have to contend with gravity takings it toll on their breasts and a sagging bust line becomes the reality of life. This leads to a mad dash to change and transform this obvious visible sign of aging. Somewhere along the line most women consider enduring the pain, and invasiveness of breast lifting and augmentation surgery just to get their curves back.

However, there is a simpler and natural way to undo the damage of time without resorting to expensive, painful and often embarrassing surgical interventions. A new product known as TotalCurve with its three step approach promises to turn back the hands of time and give you perky, sexy breasts with no signs of sagging.

How does Total curve work and what are its benefits?

Total Curve follows a three pronged approach to natural breast enhancement.

The first product in the package is the oral preparation that is made from the use of phytoestrogens (plant base natural estrogens). Since estrogen is an important female hormone that leads to the growth of the mammary tissue at puberty and is responsible for maintaining the perky appearance of breasts; introducing natural estrogen in the body is one way of ensuring that the breast tissue does not sag and maintains its youthful appearance. This natural substance that increases the overall amount of estrogen in the body also helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS such as vaginal dryness, lower sex drive etc.

A topical preparation is the next product; made from Volufiline, a patented compound, the product helps to firm the breast tissue. The cell pumping action available in the form of a gel is convenient to use and provides stupendous results by not only naturally lifting the breast but also increasing their size. Volufiline helps to increase the activity of the fat cells in the breast tissue causing them to grow; this in turn leads to an enhancement in the breast size. The preparation is natural and 100% safe so you do not have to worry about harming the surrounding tissue or nasty side effects associated with artificial hormone products.

Exercise: Finally, the package also contains detailed information on exercises that help to strengthen the muscles that support the breast tissue and act as the foundation. The exercises are designed to not only lift the breast but also reduce sagging and increase their size. The regimen includes 7 exercises which can be done without the help of exercise equipments; 9 routines that can be done with the help of simple equipments such as dumbbells; 3 exercises for the gym and 5 asanas (yoga postures) .All of these routines are meant to increase the size and enhance the appearance of your breast to give you a voluptuous and curvaceous figure.


Cassie Johnson: At 32, my breasts were round about ready to drop to my navel. I was blessed with a good figure and impressive breasts but like all women with big breasts, sagging turns into a problem sooner than later. I would have normally considered surgery but I am scared of surgical procedures. So, when my friend told me about Total Curve. It’s been 2months since I tried the product and am very happy with the visible results. I look as curvy as I did in my twenties. Thank you Total Curve.

Amanda Mete: I am 45 and losing the perkiness of your breast and the curvy figure that you once had becomes a part and parcel of life at my age. While I would certainly call myself very health conscious, all the time I spent in the gym was doing little to help me improve the shape and size of my breast. I chose Total curve because I am averse to the idea of going under the knife and boy am I glad. I saw visible result in just 4 weeks; my breasts are firmer and defini9tely not sagging. The best part is that not only did I get my youthful shape back but also there has been a distinct increase in the size. It definitely feels better to see myself in the mirror now.

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