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Leukemia is cancer of the blood. The condition is characterized an overabundance of abnormal cells reach extremely high levels in the bone marrow (where blood cells are formed), lymphatic system, and blood stream. The excess white blood cells interfere with the functions of vital organs, eventually preventing the body from creating healthy platelets and red and white blood cells. The consequences of this lack of healthy cells are many: without healthy white blood cells, the body is unable to fight off infections; without platelets, blood does not clot properly; and without red blood cells, the necessary amount of oxygen is not carried to the body’s organs.

Although leukemia is the most common form of childhood cancer, it also affects adults. The condition does occur more often in men than women. Risk factors for leukemia include a family history of leukemia, smoking, and prolonged contact with industrial carcinogens.

Signs and Symptoms

In its early stages, leukemia often produces no symptoms. When it reaches later stages, the most common symptoms are:

  • Anemia (symptoms include fatigue and pallor)
  • Increased susceptibility to illness and infections
  • Bruising or bleeding easily
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Appetite and weight loss
  • Headaches
  • Pressure under the lower left ribs from enlargement of the spleen

Conventional Medical Treatment

If you notice any symptoms of leukemia, see your physician immediately. To diagnose the condition, your physician performs a blood count to determine the levels of white blood cells. If leukemia is suspected, a bone marrow biopsy may be necessary.

Treatment depends on the serverity condition. In many cases, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can cause the leukemia to go into remissian, causing blood cell levels to return to normal. (See “Conventional Medical Treatment” in the “Bladder Cancer” entry for more information on radiation and chemotherapy.) If the patient has extremely low levels of healthy cells, blood transfusion is sometimes necessary. Very serious cases of leukemia often require bone marrow transplants, during which diseased bone marrow is removed and replaced by healthy donor bone marrow. A combination of chemotherapeutic drugs may also be administered.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture There is some controversy about using acupuncture on people with leukemia, because it does improve blood flow and increase the number of white blood cells produced, Which may actually spread the disse (which is characterized by an overabundance of white blood cells). Therefore, leukemia patients would be wise to consult their health care provider before undergoing acupuncture.

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Physiotherapy: A Wide Range of Services

It has taken a long time for physiotherapy to become the practice that we know today. In fact, the first instances of physiotherapy occurred thousands of years ago. Luckily, modern science has come a long way since then and the days of basic massage and hydrotherapy have spiralled into a roster of available services.

The main goal of any physiotherapist is to improve a broad range of physical issues and limitations. Modern methods of physiotherapy began with exercise, massage and manipulations to the spine and joints. While this is a solid foundation, more and more practices have been introduced as east meets west. In larger cities, a fusion of traditional and new world practices are used to provide efficient and necessary care to clients. Take Burrard Physiotherapy in Downtown Vancouver, this established practice has curated a broad range of services that appeal to clients with issues across each system of the body. Yoga classes, for example, are increasingly trendy but they are also able to treat both the mind and body. Musculoskeletal concerns are also addressed with acupuncture, shockwave therapy and intramuscular stimulation. It is easy to be caught up in muscles and joints but cardio care is always in focus with physiotherapists. With the increasing advances in technology, established firms can offer options for clients at any physical state with bike fit services and anti-gravity treadmill options.

Chronic pain can occur over time through the development of arthritis and other unseen ailments but there can also be a catalyst like a vehicle collision or other such accident. Many clinics on the west coast offer specialized services that are directly related to ICBC and Worker’s Compensation Board claims, as well as active rehabilitation services designed to get clients back on their feet – and keep them there!

Far from helping patients simply manage their existing pain, a constantly evolving industry helps to reach maximum physical potential, all while improving quality of life. Physiotherapists create individualized treatment plans that cater to client needs and promotes well-being of a physical, mental and social nature.

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What Is Home Care?

It is easy to use the term “home care” in conversations but understanding exactly what goes into these practices is more complicated. It is easy to make assumptions about what these services can do for you or your loved ones, but why guess when you can get the facts? In-house care services cover the basics, such as running errands or providing medications or more complex tasks like in-depth health care and physical therapies. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the daily demands of caring for yourself or a loved one, consider having help come to you instead.

What Constitutes Home Care?

The goal of home care is to preserve an independent way of life for the injured, elderly or those suffering from illnesses such as dementia, cancer or in the aftermath of strokes. With such a broad list of client needs, it is no surprise that services vary on a case-by-case basis. It is important to take into accounts the specific limitations and abilities of each client in order to provide the most effective care. For example, Home Instead in West Vancouver perform assessments in order to create a plan that works for clients and caregivers.

For more physically capable clients, home care services may include transportation to appointments or running errands, meal preparation, medication distribution and scheduling, or light tidying.

In the case of more physical limitations, experienced healthcare providers are able to administer post-surgical care, along with respite and palliative care.

The Benefits of Home Care

Many property owners are unwilling to leave their homes in spite of their limitations. In fact, removing someone of fragile mental health from a familiar environment can be detrimental to their daily routine. When dealing with dementia, for example, maintaining these routines can help keep a level of recognition and comfort that would be lost in an assisted living facility. Instead of removing patients from familiar surroundings, healthcare professionals come right to their door, maintaining a consistent schedule for services and care.

Because services can be catered to the needs of an individual, in-home health care can be more cost-effective than a full-service facility. This particular brand of care also allows clients to form a relationship with an individual care professional instead of a revolving team of strangers.

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Help Prevent Acne Through a Healthy Diet

There is no scientific evidence, which proves that any type of food actually increases the chance of having a breakout of acne. This is good news for anyone who has cut out things from their diets in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of Acne.

However, this does not a healthy diet is not play an important role and that the fact that diet does not cause acne should not be cause for heading out to enjoy a grease, sugar and fat filled diet. One of the best ways to help in the treatment of acne is to maintain healthy skin. By eating healthily and providing your body with the proper nutrition you can provide your skin with the necessary materials to promote health and thereby assisting in the reduction of acne and acne causing symptoms.

Vitamin A is found in a variety of plants especially ones that produce Beta Carotene. This vitamin is extremely helpful to the skin and the body as well. Please take note that Vitamin A is a toxin if taken in high doses please adhere to FDA approved amounts if taking supplements.

Vitamin B-12 is helpful in keeping stress levels to a minimum, it is found in things like fish, some dairy products, meat and green leafy vegetables, like lettuce and spinach. Since stress can cause breakouts of acne or cause an increase in symptoms, keeping stress levels low can help to make breakouts shorter, milder or eliminate them all together.

If you love peanuts, eggs, lean meats and avocados then you should be glad to hear that these foods contain the vitamin B-3, which helps to increase utilization of food and energy as well as promoting good circulation. This helps to pull toxins away from the skin and thereby helping to keep skin healthy.

Foods like almonds, sunflower seeds, broccoli and vegetable oils contain vitamin E. This vitamin is one of the anti-oxidants, which helped to protect the skin from free radicals doing this can help to prevent poor clocking and thereby help promote clearer and healthier skin.

There are a number of people who take the vitamin zinc as a supplement. Normally this is taking to help boost the immune system. However, it can help in maintaining healthy skin. If you do not wish to take supplements and are looking for foods, which contained this vitamin, consider looking at mushrooms, all grains, nuts and eggs.

Drinking lots of water can also help by keeping a well-flushed and hydrated system. This helps to prevent the buildup of toxins, which could aggravate acne symptoms. Everyone experiences Acme differently, and there may be some foods that for you tend to cause a breakout in this case. It is best to avoid these foods. However, there is no food that overall, can be linked as a cause of Acne. The best way to prevent food related breakouts is to know if any foods trigger symptoms and to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet.

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Allergy Treatment: Avoidance and Immunotherapy

Once specific allergens have been identified, the patient must attempt to avoid these substances and clear them from the home and workplace as much as possible. A natural extension of the identification of allergy is the consideration of desensitization or immunotherapy by an allergy specialist. Allergy “shots” are given after sensitivity to specific allergens has been identified. These injections contain extremely small amounts of the allergen which is slowly increased in amount. These injections produce a “blocking antibody” that interrupts the allergy reaction. Studies of immunotherapy in asthmatics have shown a reduction in symptoms and inhibition of the late asthmatic response. The administration of immunotherapy is a gradual process, often requiring weeks or months to achieve a response. In older subjects the response to treatment may not be as pronounced as in younger patients. Extremely sensitive patients may experience generalized allergic reactions to the administration of allergens.

Recent studies have focused on fatal reactions to allergy injections. The majority of these cases were patients with severe asthma who had histories of severe asthmatic attacks that required steroids and hospitalization. These patients also appeared to be highly sensitive individuals who may have had a previous reaction to allergen injection.

Who Should Be Treated?

In patients with mild or moderate asthma who are well controlled on medication, allergy injections or immunotherapy should not be necessary. Those patients who are unstable should be considered candidates for treatment. In those allergic patients whose symptoms are more severe or who require frequent or continuous administration of corticosteroids the potential benefits of immunotherapy should be weighed against the potential for severe reactions. Once a response to immunotherapy is obtained the patient may remain on maintenance therapy for several years.

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GenF20 Plus Review

There are constant changes on the market with different products being designed for one gender or another. Right now little to no products are being offered for a man. Many detox diets and other aids are specially directed at women because they are more willing to spend their money while trying to look amazing. But that shouldn’t be a consideration in their overall effectiveness.

GenF20 Plus For Men

But of the brands that are designed and marketed for the male audience, there are quality and proven results with little to no side effects. One such product is the Genf20 .This powerful product uses the Human Growth Hormone or as it is often called HGH that contains evidence to show it works beyond imagine especially when used by a male.

What Is IN GenF20 Plus

In fact GenF20 Plus is only one of a few products that are available that provide safe levels of HGH with reliability giving you the basic daily dose. Plus it has been combined to effectively work with the following other ingredients:

  • GABA
  • L-Lysine
  • B6
  • L-Isoleucine

Alone these different ingredients have some potential, but combined as they are in this packaging you receive superior results and begin to look and feel better in no time at all. In fact, in as little as one week you will begin to see significant improvements in your body and mind. Not too many products can make that claim and support it but the GenF20 Plus certainly can.

Users were so impressed they raved about how it improved the overall quality of their skin making it look healthier and more youthful. There was a reduction in blood pressure and a significant relief from the danger of hypertension. The men reported feeling younger and energetic and their sexual performance increased dramatically.

But those results weren’t from using the product for months, those were only from using the product for one week. Imagine what this product can do for you over the course of several months or more. In no time you will be looking and feeling better than ever and get back to the man you once were.

Imagine the reactions of others when they start to see that old you that you were a long time ago back among them. There is no reason to keep feeling fatigued and sluggish all the time. GenF20 Plus is proven with results and is 100% legal there. It is safe and natural with no reported side effects making it a great product on the market.

Plus with the increased boost in sexual performance you will be able to please that woman in your life that might have been mentioning the spark has died a little. With GenF20 Plus you can deliver the results she wants from you, with the confidence of knowing you can out perform that old you that you are leaving behind.

Buy GenF20 Plus today and experience the satisfactory results that it can offer. Do it for yourself and live the way you can, where you have more energy and feel better with less pain and ailments than you have right now.

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Balance Problems and Aging

The Simple Stork Test

Perhaps the best exercise to perform in later life is to simply stand on one foot for as long as possible, and then switch to the other foot and repeat Easy as it sounds, this drill helps improve balance, muscle strength and flexibility-traits that are known to decline in late life when not used (and possibly cause falls). The so called Stork Test has also been used by researchers at the National Institute on Aging to gauge subjects’ rate of aging. Absent practice (starting at 15 seconds per foot, graduating to 15 minutes or more), the younger you are, the longer you will be able to stand there looking like a stork.

A Helpful Yoga Pose

It is never too late to improve your balance and coordination. The tree pose, practiced in hatha yoga, is a simple way to build confidence in your gait and posture as you age:

  1. First, while standing with your bare feet parallel to each other, shift your weight to your left leg, and place the heel of your right foot against your left ankle.
  2. Slowly slide your right foot up the left leg, gently helping it along with your right hand until it feels snug against your left knee or thigh. (You can hold on to a chair or table with the other hand for balance, if necessary.)
  3. Let your arms hang straight down and fix your eyes straight ahead at an object in the room-the focus will help your balance. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  4. Raise your arms over your head, slowly, trying to keep them as straight as possible. Bring the palms together.
  5. Breathe deeply while holding this variation­on-a-tree pose as long as possible. It may be only a few seconds at first. But after you repeat with the opposite leg, and practice, you will notice improvements fairly quickly.

Remember: Age-related declines in balance are often noted by researchers in the absence of exercise. This serves as a counterattack!

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A Balanced Review of Genf20 Plus

It can be hard to find unbiased information about HGH supplements such as Genf20 plus. However, at least with this product there is quite an extensive list of consumer comments and testimonials from which to draw upon for information.

Before you hear what consumers are saying, we will give you a little bit of insight into the advantages and disadvantages of this product. As you can see this is a product that has been rated high by more than one source, and therefore you can find several reports available.


I am in my late 30s and I have been taking this product for more than a month. I did not know it could actually work as well as it does. I really did not expect that it would work so well. I was warned to not be too disappointed if the results are not immediate but I already have noticed quite a few changes.

~Dale, Hawaii

I spent a copious amount of money on medications and solutions to help me regain my energy level and concentration. I did not realize that the problem could be in my brain as a result of failure of my pituitary glad to produce enough HGH. I started using Genf20 plus and I can walk faster than I ever did before and I can accomplish more in a day’s time.

~Sarah, USA

I thought at one time eating a balanced diet and exercising regular would be enough. But then I got older and noticed my energy level decrease. My bones were aching and my muscles and skin were becoming flabbier. Then a friend told me about to buy Genf20 plus. I am glad I took his suggestion.

~Corrina, Texas

I had tried Genf20 plus for about six weeks. I noticed an improvement, but it was not until after the first week went by. You have to be patient to notice results. However, I would recommend this product over another simply because it works. I feel more energetic and alive lately and my muscle and skin tone is improving.

~Jackson, Wisconsin

After a few weeks of using this HGH supplement I felt greater sexual desire. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were regulated as well. My overall health and well-being has been better than it has been in years. The only downside of course is anticipating changes which took a little longer than I hoped.

~Calvin, Montana

More Info

As you can see from stories of users there is a wide range of benefit associated with using this product. Therefore, Genf20 plus is becoming more and more widely accepted by consumers and experts as a legitimate way to encourage natural human growth hormone production.

The production of this chemical is what helps promote youthfulness in people. It also can correct any health problems associated with human growth hormone deficiency, such as stunted growth, poor bone development, or Turner Syndrome.

FDA-approved prescription injections are used in extreme cases and usually when there is a deficiency that leads to serious health problems. However, take-home supplements such as Genf20 plus are used during times when people just want to do something to improve their overall health.

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Funginix Review – Toenail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus is very common problem and an estimated 35 millions of people in America alone are suffering with the issue of nail fungus. This is reason why you will get too many products that will promise you to provide relief and cure for nail fungus problems. It is true that nail fungus is not very big or dreary problem. Obviously no one gets killed because of nail fungus, but it is not very clean to have nail fungus. Funginix is not a new product that has made its mark in the market. Rather, it is a trustworthy and reliable product that provides effective and proper solution for the problem of nail fungus.

Sisquoc is established name in the market of nail treatments and skincare. Funginix is the newest addition by Sisquoc in the market of skin and nails treatment. The anti nail fungus product is an effective one. The product includes 24 ingredients which are inactive while one of the ingredients is active. The active ingredient is a solution of undecylenic acid with 10% concentration. The other inactive yet very effective and important ingredients of the Funginix are also in it for specific reasons. The Funginix treatment for your nails has got FDA approval, and you will also get a 60 day guarantee of this product with the promise of complete money back only at

The Healing process of Funginix

There is seldom a thing that can prove to be suitable for everyone. Even the Funginix may prove to be not suitable for a person, but the statistics says that almost 80% of the people who used Funginix were totally satisfied with the excellent results it provided to them. 80% of people informed that they got completely cured and clean nails after using Funginix.

The Ingredients of Funginix

Undecyclenic Acid is the important and active ingredient of the Funginix treatment and it is a natural product which is produced by caster beans. The Undecyclenic Acid is active ingredient and it is antiviral too and hence it provide safety against viruses that may grow in the nail fungus. Apart from that the active content also posses many more important characteristics. The Funginix cream can be used to solve our problems like athelete’s foot, nail fungus, and some of the common nail problems.

Other ingredients of the Funginix cream are camphor and menthol. Menthol is counter irritants and it provides relief for you. It also contains Tea tree oil too, sweet almond oil and rose and jasmine oil. All of these oils and other ingredients have effective homeopathic uses. These used as an important blend so that the users may get excellent effective cure for their problems.

It is very easy to use and apply Funginix. The lotion is applied on the nails by using a brush and then it is swabbed by using cotton. You should apply the lotion once in the morning and then in evening. The treatment will last between 3 to 6 months and you should keep applying the Funginix lotion for at least six months.

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Bursitis is a rheumatic condition that occurs when a bursa becomes inflamed and painful. The bursae are small sacs or pouches at the ends of bones that act as cushions between the bones and muscles, tendons, or skin. They contain a lubricating fluid to eliminate joint friction and maintain smooth movement of muscles over the bones. Inflamed bursae produce tenderness and swelling near the affected joint. This ranges from minor discomfort to severe and virtually disabling pain that makes it almost impossible to move the joint. The condition can result from a sudden and extreme traumatic pressure or, more often, from continuous strain. Some occupations and sports that require constant, repetitious motion can lead to either acute or chronic bursitis, so called housemaid’s knee, which is caused by frequent kneeling, is one of the most familiar examples. The joints most commonly affected are the shoulders, knees, elbows, and hips.


Diagnostic Studies And Procedures

Bursitis is easily diagnosed on the basis of symptoms and a physical examination. Your account of recent activities helps a doctor determine the cause of the flare up and also provides clues to whether or not the problem might be a sign of a more general condition. During the physical examination, a doctor manipulates the joint to identify the most painful area and to determine the degree of joint mobility. An X-ray, blood studies, and other tests may be ordered to rule out conditions that cause similar symptoms.

Medical Treatments

Aspirin, ibuprofen, and stronger nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs are the mainstays to relieve both pain and inflammation of bursitis. In acute cases, a corticosteroid such as cortisone, a powerful anti inflammatory drug, may be injected into the inflamed area. When given by this type of injection, steroids are less likely to produce serious side effects than when taken orally. Excess fluid in the bursa may be drawn off with a hollow needle and syringe to reduce swelling, then the joint wrapped with an elastic bandage. If a shoulder or elbow is involved, the doctor may recommend an arm sling to rest and protect the joint.

Alternative Therapies


Manipulation may ease pain caused by bursitis, particularly if misalignment is involved. A patient who has any form of arthritis should bring this to the chiropractor’s attention before beginning treatment, however, because manipulation can be harmful in certain cases.

Herbal Medicine

Some herbal remedies may ease the swelling and pain of bursitis, although none are a substitute for medical treatment. Many herbalists recommend rubbing fresh garlic on the painful area, as well as taking garlic pills twice a day. A poultice made with 3 tablespoons of horseradish stirred into ½ of boiled milk is also said to alleviate pain. It should be applied hot, using a piece of cheesecloth or a gauze pad, and removed when it has cooled. A note of caution: Both garlic and horseradish may irritate mucous membranes and skin. Test the substance first on a small area of skin, and avoid using it if it produces blistering, reddening, or a rash.


Ice is used first in an acute attack of bursitis to alleviate pain and reduce swelling. After the first two days, switch to heat treatment. You can apply heat with hot packs, a heating pad, an infrared lamp, or by taking hot showers or baths.

Self Treatment

Most cases of bursitis will clear up within a week or two with attentive self care. Rest the affected area as much as possible and wrap it firmly, but not too tightly, in an elastic bandage. ‘lake aspirin or ibuprofen to alleviate the pain and inflammation, ingesting them with milk or food to prevent stomach irritation. Use heat or cold treatments for additional pain relief. As the bursitis disappears, you can begin gentle and gradual exercising to gain muscle strength. A physical therapist at a sports medicine center or an athletic trainer can provide guidance as to which exercises are beneficial and which ones should be avoided. The most important aspect of self treatment is determining what activity triggered the bursitis. Once you know what it is, you can avoid overdoing it or learn better techniques for performing that particular motion.

Other Causes of Bursitis Symptoms

Some forms of arthritis, including gout, can cause inflammation of the bursae. Tendinitis, an inflammation of the thick tissue that connects muscles and bones, may also mimic bursitis.

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