Funginix Review – Toenail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus is very common problem and an estimated 35 millions of people in America alone are suffering with the issue of nail fungus. This is reason why you will get too many products that will promise you to provide relief and cure for nail fungus problems. It is true that nail fungus is not very big or dreary problem. Obviously no one gets killed because of nail fungus, but it is not very clean to have nail fungus. Funginix is not a new product that has made its mark in the market. Rather, it is a trustworthy and reliable product that provides effective and proper solution for the problem of nail fungus.

Sisquoc is established name in the market of nail treatments and skincare. Funginix is the newest addition by Sisquoc in the market of skin and nails treatment. The anti nail fungus product is an effective one. The product includes 24 ingredients which are inactive while one of the ingredients is active. The active ingredient is a solution of undecylenic acid with 10% concentration. The other inactive yet very effective and important ingredients of the Funginix are also in it for specific reasons. The Funginix treatment for your nails has got FDA approval, and you will also get a 60 day guarantee of this product with the promise of complete money back only at

The Healing process of Funginix

There is seldom a thing that can prove to be suitable for everyone. Even the Funginix may prove to be not suitable for a person, but the statistics says that almost 80% of the people who used Funginix were totally satisfied with the excellent results it provided to them. 80% of people informed that they got completely cured and clean nails after using Funginix.

The Ingredients of Funginix

Undecyclenic Acid is the important and active ingredient of the Funginix treatment and it is a natural product which is produced by caster beans. The Undecyclenic Acid is active ingredient and it is antiviral too and hence it provide safety against viruses that may grow in the nail fungus. Apart from that the active content also posses many more important characteristics. The Funginix cream can be used to solve our problems like athelete’s foot, nail fungus, and some of the common nail problems.

Other ingredients of the Funginix cream are camphor and menthol. Menthol is counter irritants and it provides relief for you. It also contains Tea tree oil too, sweet almond oil and rose and jasmine oil. All of these oils and other ingredients have effective homeopathic uses. These used as an important blend so that the users may get excellent effective cure for their problems.

It is very easy to use and apply Funginix. The lotion is applied on the nails by using a brush and then it is swabbed by using cotton. You should apply the lotion once in the morning and then in evening. The treatment will last between 3 to 6 months and you should keep applying the Funginix lotion for at least six months.

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