5 Common Reasons People Visit a Family Practice Doctor

Approximately 25% of all doctor office appointments are made up of visits to a family physician. Over 214 million people visit this type of practitioner every year in the U.S. This is almost 74 million more than the next largest medical specialty.

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But why do we visit family practitioners so often? Unlike most other medical specialists who focus on a particular area of the body or a particular type of disease, family practitioners provide comprehensive treatments and care to patients of all genders and ages throughout every stage of their life. If you want to know why family doctors are so popular then here’s a list of some of the most common reasons why people visit a family physician:

1.     They Can Treat Common Illnesses

Whether you have a cold, an infection or you’re struggling with your mental health, your family doctor is your go-to resource. You can find family doctors and other specialist doctors at Tripment. This site allows you to easily search for doctors, compare prices, and schedule appointments.

2.     They Help People Prevent Health Issues

Family doctors educate their patients on health maintenance and disease prevention. This is one of the main functions of a family doctor. They also care for your emotional and mental health needs. They help people to:

  • Deal with anger and stress
  • Control their weight
  • Understand and overcome fertility problems
  • Improve their fitness

3.     They Help Diagnose Emerging Conditions

Family doctors provide treatment to people over long periods of time. This allows them to know their medical history extremely well. They know what’s normal for a patient and are often the first person to spot signs of change.

When we experience changes in our health or with our body, we usually turn to our family doctor for help and advice. Their experience and familiarity with our medical history allows them to quickly notice significant changes that might indicate a hidden or serious condition.

4.     They Help You Manage Chronic Conditions

Heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes are some of the most common degenerative and chronic conditions managed by family physicians. Family physicians provide personalized ongoing care to their patients throughout difficult times of their lives. They continue to complete diagnostic tests to see how an illness is progressing and work out what steps to take next.

5.     They Can Refer You to a Specialist

A family doctor is usually the first person you turn to when you feel unwell or notice changes in your health or body. But that’s not all they do. A family doctor can also refer you to a specialist if needed. They’re able to refer you to mental health professionals, rehabilitation clinics, oncology specialists and much more. They coordinate your care on your behalf.

There are lots of reasons why people might visit a family practice doctor. From minor colds to serious health conditions, they can help you with them all. Make sure you find a family practice doctor who you can trust and will listen to your worries and concerns.

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