Drug Recovery: 4 Tips for Maintaining Sobriety after Treatment

Drug rehab is an important step in the recovery process from drug addiction. However, rehab programs are only a small piece of total addiction recovery. After leaving the treatment facility, it is up to the former drug addict to remain clean throughout the rest of his or her life. After treatment, it is easy to fall back into the old life patterns that caused the addict to abuse drugs in the first place. However, if the issue is approached with intelligence and preparation, the chances of making a permanent recovery from addiction are much higher.

Try the following five ways to maintain sobriety after drug rehab:

Start or maintain a spiritual connection
A spiritual connection can go a long way toward helping an individual remain clean. A spiritual connection does not necessarily mean joining an orthodox religion, although that can also help. Frequent meditation, prayer, and a reason for living or staying strong outside yourself can be big motivators for remaining clean and staying strong even in the face of strong cravings and addiction. Anything that helps an addict see that there is more to life outside of addiction or his or her personal mindset will help aid permanent recovery.

Distract yourself with exercise
Exercise and staying fit is an excellent way to avoid drug relapses. Not only is exercise healthy and good for the body, it can serve as a distraction from drug cravings or triggers. Exercise takes up a large portion of the brain and body, which leaves little room for other thoughts or cravings. Exercise also releases healthy chemicals into the body, which can mimic some of the feelings that addicts get from drug use. The “runner’s high” is a unique blend of chemicals in the brain that make the mind and body feel good without drug stimulation.

Create a new routine
The routine you had before entering drug rehab is the same routine that led to drug abuse and subsequent addiction. To avoid falling back into the same patterns and habits, it is important to change your routine and create a new lifestyle that will lead to a positive life rather than a negative life. Make any necessary changes to improve your routine, such as switching jobs, moving to a new location, or simply changing the order of your day.

Avoid past triggers and destructive relationships
In rehab, you will go over the various triggers that lead to drug use. To maintain sobriety after treatment, it is important to avoid these triggers. Stop any activities that lead to drug use, and avoid people and situations that caused you to use drugs in the past. Any relationship that lead to drug abuse- through peer pressure, depression, or in any other way, should be ended.

Applying these four principles to your life after treatment will help you maintain permanent recovery. If you are truly serious about maintaining a drug-free lifestyle, these drastic changes are necessary. With drastic lifestyle and pattern changes come drastic results and a drug-free life.

An avid writer, Stanley Martinson is interested in all things pertaining to health and health care. Recently his fascination has turned towards addiction and rehabilitation. For more information on rehab, click here.

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