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What is cellulite?

Definition: cellulite is a change for worse of the conjunctive tissue, as a result of fats accumulation and its consequence is tissue aging through glucose action upon collagen and elastic fibers, trouble at the level of lymphatic and blood circulation, which favors water and toxins retention.

Cellulite stages:

Cellulite stage 1:

Exterior aspect: slightly deformed body line, skin fold moved easily, orange skin aspect is not visible with naked eye, but only when we form skin fold.

It corresponds to flabby cellulite form.

Cellulite stage 2:

Exterior aspect: deposits on the upper extern hip especially on the buttocks and abdominal area. Skin fold is not mobile, it can be felt a full turgescent area, the area is painful when you palpate it, and the tegument has visible unevenness.  It corresponds to the compact form of cellulite.

Cellulite stage 3-4:

Exterior aspect: An unaesthetic deposit, the skin has waves. Cellulite deposits are obvious, with nodular aspect, painful skin fold while palpating it. There appear changes in lymphatic and microcirculation, oxygenation becomes difficult, you can retain more easily toxic waste, and there can appear skin stretch and other unpleasant effects. This description corresponds to fiber edema like cellulite.

Which are the factors which influence cellulite apparition?

  1. Deficit alimentation with excesses of: animal fats, sweets, pasta, juices, canned food and alimentary additives.
  2. Lack of regular physical exercise;
  3. Hormonal dysfunctions (puberty, birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause);
  4. Stress (provokes hormonal hyper secretion)
  5. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes consumption.

Why should we follow a treatment in beauty salons?

Fats and cellulite are formed in the adipose tissue located in the hypoderm. The fats affect adipose compounds, while cellulite affects all the components of the adipose tissue

(Vascular aspect, nerves, collagen and elastic fibers, cells and deep substance)

It explains why fats are reduced during diet, while cellulite persists irrespective of the diet and it does not disappear spontaneously.

How can we get rid of cellulite?

Professional estheticians can contribute to obtaining good results in cellulite treatment. In order to get satisfying result, patients must cooperate. Thus, treatment objectives can be achieved:

  • “Catabolism stimulation
  • “Favoring microcirculation
  • “Stimulating flushes
  • “Restructuring conjunctive tissue affected

You should begin with an alimentary correction. Consume at least 2 liters of water per day (without taking into account tea, coffee, soup etc.). Consume more fruit and vegetables in natural condition. Avoid eating fat meat; chicken should be eaten without skin and fat. Avoid combinations of meat and bread, potatoes or pasta; eat instead a big fresh vegetables salad. Eat fruit at least 45 minutes before a meal and at least 3 – 4 hours after a meal. Reduce coffee consumption (try coffee without caffeine), alcohol, tobacco and especially juices (fizzy or not). Reduce the consumption of refined sugars.

In the second phase you can start anti cellulite treatment in a beauty salon (the results are more rapid).

  1. Electro stimulation with weight loss programs, anti cellulite, lymphatic drainage and toning;
  2. Body treatments with argil;
  3. Massage: anti cellulite and reflex generator;
  4. Thermotherapy;
  5. Using a professional anti cellulite cream at home, recommended by the esthetician.

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