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Leg Stress Fracture, Tibia
Liver Injury
Neck Dislocation
Neck Fracture
Neck Sprain
Neck Strain
Nose Injury
Pelvis Strain, Hip-Trunk
Pelvis Strain, Ischium
Perineum Contusion
Rib Dislocation
Rib Fracture
Rib Sprain
Rib Strain
Shoulder-Blade (Scapula) Bursitis
Shoulder-Blade (Scapula) Contusion
Shoulder-Blade Fracture, Acromion
Shoulder-Blade (Scapula) Fracture, Coracoid Process
Shoulder-Blade (Scapula) Fracture, Glenoid Fossa
Shoulder-Blade (Scapula) Fracture, Neck
Shoulder-Blade (Scapula) Strain
Shoulder Bursitis, Gleno-Humeral
Shoulder Bursitis, Subacromial
Shoulder Contusion
Shoulder Dislocation
Shoulder Sprain, Acromio-Clavicular
Shoulder Sprain, Gleno-Humeral
Shoulder Strain
Shoulder Tendinitis & Tenosynovitis
Skin Abrasion
Skin Laceration
Skin Puncture Wound
Spine Fracture, Lower Thoracic & Lumber Region
Spine Fracture, Sacrum
Spine Fracture, Tailbone
Spine Stress-Fracture, Neck or Back
Spleen Rupture
Thigh-Bone Fracture
Thigh Contusion
Thigh Hematoma
Thigh Injury, Hamstring
Thigh Strain, Quadriceps
Thigh Strain
Thumb Fracture
Thumb Sprain
Toe Dislocation
Toe Exostosis
Toe Fracture
Tooth Injury & loss
Wrist Contusion
Wrist Dislocation, Lunate
Wrist Dislocation, Radius or Ulna
Wrist Ganglion
Wrist Sprain
Wrist Strain
Wrist Tenosynovitis

Sports Injuries

Some easy tips to follow to prevent sports injuries

Though sports players suffer from lots of injuries while participating in the sport, most of these sports injuries are basically preventable. Sports injuries are usually caused by the misuse of overuse of a muscle or joint. These are injuries that can be prevented by maintaining fitness and training programs, playing to standard, using the right equipment and clothing and stopping activity once a suspected injury occurs.

It is possible to prevent back and neck sprains by stretching the back, stomach and neck muscles. This prevents back injuries and pain while head and shoulder rolls prevent neck sprains. The cramps that occur in the chest usually arise through cramping of the intercostals muscles found between the ribs or the diaphragm. Chest cramps occur with exertion and are identified by sharp and spasmodic pain in the chest. This leads to the player finding it difficult to stand upright and suffer from grasping respirations. However this pain disappears with rest and concentration on deep breathing.

Many contact sports lead to the common injury, dislocated jaw. The symptoms of a dislocated jaw are pain in the jaw, trouble in swallowing and an inability in speaking properly. It is important that the injured person seek medical care immediately. If you suffer from foot or heal pain while plashing any sport, you have to stretch the Achilles tendon by gently pulling the foot backwards for a count of ten seconds. This has to be repeated ten times. This can be prevented by wearing shoes having heel pads that tend to prevent foot pain.

Many a time a player may suffer from groin injuries that arise from a blow to the groin or by over stretching the groin muscles. The symptom of a groin injury is of course, pain in the area. Muscle pulls occur frequently while playing all types of sports. This can however be prevented by warming up before playing, and by stretching out after workouts. It is not advisable to do any bouncing while stretching.

Muscle cramps too occur due to overstretching of muscles and abnormal muscle contraction. It is also associated to loss of fluid because of excessive sweating. The symptoms of muscle cramps are pain, loss of power and stiffening of the muscles and tenderness in the muscles. You can find relief with rest, an application of an ice pack and gentle stretching. It is not at all advised to massage the affected muscles.

It is possible to prevent sprains by exercising and stretching joints with which the strength and range of motion is increased. Stress fractures can be prevented by doing complete warm-ups and cool downs for the whole body. Avoid exercising or putting too much stress on a single part of the body. Make is a point to stand straight and roll shoulders in a circular motion to prevent shoulder pain. Making circles with hands also stretch the shoulder muscles.

Strain in the tendons and muscles of the elbow causes tennis elbow where sometimes the ligaments too are involved. This is usually a chronic condition and arises when the elbow is over used or overstretched. Its symptoms include pain over the bone on the outer side of the elbow and an increased pain in the joint when the arm is moved.

So it can be seen that sports injuries can basically be avoided with the right stretch ups and warming exercises and by using the right protective gear and equipment when playing respective sports.

In this section you will learn about on different injuries with there :-

  • Causes
  • Signs & symptoms
  • Treatment or medication
  • Home diet
  • Prevention tips

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