Chalean Extreme Review

Have you heard of Chalene Johnson?

He is the famous Turbo Jam inventor who is also famous for his fitness training. His Chalean Extreme workout program is far better than other fitness programs.

Why is this Chalean Extreme workout better than other such programs?

This workout kit comes with a DVD which gives you step by step method of exercising right from the basics that will help you burn your muscle fats giving you a more lean muscular body frame.

The Chalean Extreme is a Guidebook and not an exercise program book as this includes workout dates and how to go about it on a day to day basis. This way you don’t have to recollect the different exercises you performed the previous day thus saving up more time and you can follow this in a more organized method but with the complete guidance from a professional trainer.

This guide book contains information regarding how much weight you need to lose and what how of weight lifting you need to do and when. If you follow this guidebook religiously you will find that it has indeed helped you burn out those extra fats.

This guidebook also has a planned out a fat burning nutrition diet guide so that you eat healthy food. As this guidebook comes with three phases of workouts it also contains menus which you need to follow as this will guide you through your entire program regime which has been effectively proved over the years as this was masterminded by Chalean Johnson himself.

What are the advantages of Chalean Extreme Workout program?

There is no chance of your going wrong while you are following this guidebook and the best part is that this program is so designed that it helps you burn fats more easily as you are using both cardio vascular and strength training exercises.

In this way you exercise your entire body without leaving any single part thus gaining a beautiful well maintained body within a span of a few weeks or a couple of months.

How it does it really work?

Chalean Extreme workout program gives you two options and they are either you are allowed to use your free weights or the resistance bands that they offer you. The 5-pound weights though are easy to lift you need to understand that you will have to lift it up slowly and this poses a challenge to you as it is easier to lift weights faster than slowly. This way you build up and tone up your body by burning the excess of fats.

This program is divided into three phases namely:

The second being the burning phase wherein you are taught a proper routine that will help you burn your body fats.

Push phase: here you become stronger as your body fats burn down giving you lean muscles.

Lean phase is you need to continue your exercise regime in order to maintain the lean and fatless or rather fat free body structure which you always desired to have and maintain.

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