Optim Orthopedics Serves Savannah with Several Services and Benefits

People in Savannah can suffer from many physical issues. These include problems relating to joint pains, sports injuries and even arthritis. These are all hassles that do not have to be permanent though. People can get help from an appropriate service provider.

This is where Optim Orthopedics can come in handle. Optim has been involved with people around Savannah for years with regards to getting orthopedic problems controlled. The things that can be done are very impressive.

Physical Therapy Support

Optim is able to serve people around Savannah with several solutions dedicated to physical therapy. This includes several key features:

  • Optim offers full muscle training services to help people build strength in certain areas that need to be worked on. This includes working with a full gym to get help.
  • Movement patterns are also analyzed by experts to see how well the body is handling its motions. This is done to see how well a person’s body is recovering or if additional adjustments have to be made in order to get a client’s body to become stronger.
  • There is a separate sports medicine therapy program that is arranged with the athlete in mind. This includes identifying areas around the body that need to be worked on so a person can get back to certain sports activities.

Surgery is Available

Sometimes surgery is needed in order to improve a patient’s body. Surgery is done to help with repairing tendons or to treat nerves. There are several key features to see about the surgical procedures that Optim can handle:

  • They cater to many parts of the body including the lower back, wrist and knee.
  • Many of the treatments are minimally invasive. This involves working with smaller incisions to reduce risks.

  • The surgical procedures are all handled in an outpatient facility, thus making the procedure more affordable and easier to schedule one’s life around.

Urgent Care Help

There are some times when urgent care services are needed based on issues like a part of the body bruising or tearing. An urgent care service can be handled through Optim to help with treating different issues that the body has. This can all be done with walk-in visits during the day and with no need to get an appointment set up just to meet with someone.

Prescription Help

Prescriptions are often required for treating different issues involving joint pains and movements. Optim Orthopedics can do the following with regards to prescriptions:

  • Prescribing them to patients based on their orthopedic needs
  • Setting up refills; this includes getting all forms simplified and secured for clients to handle
  • Getting all prescription information sent out to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice

The solutions that Optim uses for orthopedic help are important for all kinds of patients to use. These solutions are made to give people plenty of help with regards to treating the body and making it feel comfortable and strong with all their body functions.

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