Safe or not? A health study regarding electronic cigarettes

The subject of electronic cigarettes is at the edge of controversy as more and more studies are being made on the topic, in order to prove if the products are indeed safe for usage. An independent study made by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland and the National Institutes of Health with no help from the electronic cigarettes companies brings more relevant information on the subject. The study also benefits of absolute objectivity and tries to find out the correct conclusions regarding the safety of the gadgets.

What were the conclusions?

The study proves that e cigs are safer than tobacco cigarettes but does not agree with the idea that the gadgets are absolutely safe for extended usage. The main risk when it comes to vaping seems to be the potential inhalation of a harmful substance called formaldehyde. The chemical can result from the heating of propylene glycol or the oxidation or hydrolysis of glycerin. Propylene glycol is indeed used as a component of the electronic cigarette “juice”. The e liquid is heated with the help of an atomizer in order to produce vapors that also contain nicotine and are inhaled and exhaled by the e cigs user.

electronic cigarettes

How high were the chemical levels?

A priority research for the FDA should be finding ways of producing the e liquid without the usage of formaldehyde or containing risk free levels of the substance. The current study performed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland showed that formaldehyde levels among 12 different brands of e cigs ranged between 3.2 micrograms per 150 puffs to 56.1 micrograms per 150 puffs. The same amounts are also present in a nicotine inhaler.

Another important chemical that is also used in the fabrication of the e juice is propylene glycol. This is another harmful substance that should be replaced with something similar but without negative effects on health. But when one comes to think about it, the e cigs is costing tobacco cigarettes brands millions as more and more smokers tend to adopt vaping as a smoking alternative. If indeed an electronic cigarette with no harmful health effects will appear on the market, the number of tobacco smokers will drop by the second as more and more people will want to buy e cigarette accessories and kits. Until then, the popularity of the e cig is on the rise even after studies have shown that the product is not completely safe. It seems that, when facing nicotine addiction, people will choose the lesser of two evils.

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