Tower 200 Review – A Workout For Men

There are workout programs that are suited for both the genders but then there are a few which h are meant for specific genders like Flirty Girl is meant for the feminine gender as there are very few men who would like to do dance steps around the pole in the same way Tower 200 is for men as it has a high testosterone driven workout session.

UFC light heavyweight champion Randy Couture designed this program and it is more or less the same type of resistance training that was used to train boxers. This training program is used by both UFC boxers as well as martial art trainers using resistance bands that can increase your resistance to nearly 200lbs.

This kit comes with six color coded resistance bands that help you to switch in between. There are two red colored bands with 45lbs weight, the black bands are of 35 lbs and the gray bands are of 25 lbs. You can safely mount these bands on your door and with the help of the DVD you can exercise.

There is also a chart that gives you an outline of 200 odd exercises that can be done using this system. These 200 odd exercises have a variation of pushups and pulls and all the exercises are based on fight training and can be used for exercise purpose without the need of any extra space or equipments.

The advantages of Tower 200 is that they are perfect for men of varied tastes and the most important one is that the space as you can pack it up when not in use. This Tower 200 can be used as stair machine when not in use and you can also use it as towel racks in short this is a multipurpose machine. This machine can be even folded and packed off into the drawer.

You can set this up quickly complete your workout within 10 to 11 minutes and undo it within 20 minutes when you are done with your workout session. At the same time this protects your door too.

Compared to the cost of the gym membership the cost of Tower 200 is affordable and is best suited for all kinds of men. This is the best product that can be used for young men and as the size of this is small you can set it up anywhere and very quickly. Furthermore you can use it for a number of different exercises. The best part of this is the flexibility of this machine as even though it is a large machine you can pack it up and put it back into the drawer so there is no problem regarding the occupation of extra space or a hindrance in way of occupancy.

The most useful for of exercising machine which gives you results at the earliest without the hazels of joining the gym nor having to carry large exercising equipments and the best is that you can use it anywhere and do it at any given time.

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