Tower 200 Review

The Tower 200 is one exercise product definitely targeted at the male market. The official spokesman for the resistance band training system is former UFC light heavyweight champion and gym owner Randy Couture.

The idea behind Tower 200 is give men a good 11 minute workout using the bands which can provide up to 200 pounds of resistance. This workout is clearly based on the resistance band training that boxers, wrestlers, martial artists and other professional fighters have long done as part of their training.

Tower 200 Workout

The promotional material for the Tower 200 claims that you do over 200 exercises with the product. Many of these movements are included in a DVD called Randy Couture’s Workout Machine in which the veteran fighter shares his training secrets.

Both the product and the workout seem to be designed for men who are interested in the fighting arts. The resistance bands are designed to build up for strength for sparring or professional fighting.

Charts and a DVD that outline the exercises come with the product. The user is supposed to follow these instructions to get the workout.

What it is and How It Works

The Tower 200 consists of three bands that a person attaches to a door. The bands are attached to hand grips which a person can pull on or pull against to get exercise since the term resistance bands.

Tower 200 comes with three bands that are color coded so that the user can easily tell what workout he is getting. There’s a red 40 pound band, a black 35 pound band and a gray 25 pound band. By increasing the weight of the band, a person can increase the workout and its effectiveness. The man connects himself to the bands using two handgrips and two ankle bands that are included with the product.

Advantages to Tower 200

One big advantage to the Tower 200 is that it doesn’t take up much space the way some exercise machines do. When it’s not being used it can be stored in a closet or drawer.

Another advantage is that it can be quickly set up and used. All the man has to do is attach it to a door and start his workout. Unlike many such products Tower 200 is padded to protect the door.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to Tower 200 is that no assembly is required. The bands are shipped ready to use so a person can right to their workout.

The Tower 200 would be the ideal workout product for a young man on a budget who doesn’t have the money for a gym membership. It would also be a good exercise device for a person living in a cramped environment such as an apartment or a mobile home.

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