Connection Personal Trainer Review – Does Training Session Help you Achieve Real Results?

Nowadays, some people are affected by various conditions and diseases due to a non-active lifestyle (where there’s little if any physical work out) or improper diet. Although most of us wish to live a healthy lifestyle, usually there are circumstances that people cannot avoid (such as our work and social commitments) making it impossible for people like us to follow an everyday exercise regimen. However , there are a wide range of exercise and dieting services and products being offered to help us reduce weight and tone up, however most really do not provide a holistic approach towards slimming, allowing us to maintain a healthy life, body and mind. (also labeled as Connection Personal Trainer) is a new, online service that has recently been launched to remedy this matter. Subscribers to this revolutionary new and unique service are given access to the knowledge and expertise of a fitness trainer – Charlie Rawes. As the name suggests, provides real weight loss and toning results for folks that need a exercise routine that is easy and convenient to follow from the privacy of your own home. If you happen to battle to discover the motivation to work out, don’t like visiting the gym or maybe need a far more convenient and focused approach to reducing weight and toning up, is ideal for you! offers several key components to help you in getting a well-toned and balanced body – workout, diet, and motivation. Each component includes a wealth of consistently updated video, audio and written content created specifically to help you toachieve your weight loss ambitions without the need to make any extreme changes to your life-style.

Let’s discover how the key parts of will let you obtain just that – actual fat reduction and toning results!


The well-structured workout sessions are perfect for those people who are in need of a more active element in their lifestyle to aid weight loss. The coaching are progressive and based specifically on what you wish to achieve with your body; whether it be developing muscles, toning up or simply losing weight; ultimately all the workouts contribute towards these three targets.

There is a comprehensive weekly workout plan which you can download as a .pdf file and print out to monitor how well you’re progressing – this organized process means you can progress at your individual rate as and when time allows, gradually building up to the harder challenging workouts once you feel prepared and able.

Each workout is delivered as a clear, professional video tutorial with detailed audio instruction enabling you to grasp each exercise accurately and safely providing you with the fastest possible results. In addition to the video content you can also download audio based workouts which may be added to your portable MP3 player.

All of the workouts have been developed to be easy and straight forward whilst many enable you to use your surroundings (such as your couch) to do particular exercises. For those that have access to weights or dumbbells, extra videos show how best to work with these as well as other optional equipment you can use to enable you to achieve swifter results.


This, in our view, is an excellent aspect of this concise online program. Most of us know that following a workout program is just one approach towards losing weight – to lose weight effectively we additionally need a healthy diet to provide us with the energy and nutrition we all need to get through the day. Having a well balanced diet is additionally critical for the continuing health of our bodies.

Through the years we’ve seen numerous competitor exercise programs and DVDs however none precisely cover the great importance of nutrition and diet – normally you are simply just left to fend for oneself when it comes to things to eat. This is where supplies a new extra degree of assistance and instruction. provides sound guidance pertaining to the nutritional diet you need tostick to so as to maintain a healthy body and lose weight – there are no sophisticated recipes here, just hassle-free, fast nutritional dishes you may make in a matter of minutes. Just right for all those on a hectic timetable!

Like the workout plans, the diet plans are also made available to assist you monitor your progress. In addition to maintaining a record of what you have consumed, the diet planner also details how many glasses of water you’ll want to be drinking everyday hence enabling you to record whether you’re taking in enough fluid each day.

Each recipe is offered in video format (with Charlie presenting) which details how you can make the meal – these recipes are extremely easy and quick to create and literally just take a couple of minutes to prepare in most cases.

What’s more all recipes are listed and detailed within the Recipe Book portion of the Nutritional area – these can be printed out for easier reference and consist of step-by-step information on how to prepare the meal as well as detailing the nutritional value of each. For more reading and reference there is also a increasing selection of informative nutritional articles.


How regularly have you ever began a workout or maybe eating plan but have been unable to continue momentum as you rather quickly become uninterested or demotivated when you don’t accomplish the results you wish in the period you anticipate?

Most of us want a healthy body nonetheless for many of us, possessing the right motivational disposition is a enormous uphill problem – that’s why many of us quit! provides you with the help, support and inspiration you need to ensure you remain focused allowing you to achieve a sustainable workout and exercise program that will help you slim down and tone up!

The Motivation component of the site includes a objective-setting page where one can set both long and short-term goals and objectives, motivational videos which are crafted to supply you with that spark you need to keep pushing yourself forward and motivational content which look at tips on how to mentally and physically stay positive and forward thinking about your progress.

As part of the motivational approach, you may also get hold of Charlie – the resident Connection Personal Trainer professional!

“Ask Charlie”

Working as your personal trainer, Charlie is around to answer problems from members relating to the training program, exercises and nutrition. Many questions which are submitted are then solved and posted directly intothe members area for all to see in an educational and entertaining video.

This brilliant element means you can discover about the milestones and problems that other users are experiencing whilst helping you to learn and stay encouraged, knowing full well that there are other users in the same boat as you!

In Summary is designed with a impressive, three part solution to exercise, diet and motivation that no other online service has.

Priced between £9.99 and £19.99 per month (depending on the period of time you would like to subscribe for), this online personal trainer program is designed with a wealth of knowledge, guidance, support and ultimately convenience at a small percentage of what you’d be expecting to pay visiting and using your neighbourhood gym.

The topping on the cake (so to speak) is the flexibility to sign-up and test for free via the 7-day trail that offers full, endless access to the Connection Personal Trainer website for a 7 days. You don’t need to input any payment details – just simply enter your name and e-mail address and check out this amazing online service at zero cost! is a revolution in exercise, diet and motivation giving you all the guidance and knowledge you need to get slimmer, tone up and become more active and energetic.

Click here to beginning you free trial today

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