Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer Review

Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer is a name to reckon with and you may be wondering what it is all about. This program is called Super Stacking which uses a special technique which comes with a resistance band that helps in toning and body sculpting.

The purpose of this 10 Minute Training is to help you cut down on your time spent on your regular workouts. This workout session helps you work on all the body areas in 10 minutes itself so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your workouts.

You are also given an option of 10minutes daily or half an hour on weekends or you can mix it according to your routine. You can also include other forms of exercise in this routine. Here you are made to go through a rapid fire mechanism that will work on the entire body in a matter of few minutes.

How does this work?

In this form of work out you burn more fats and stay fit because this 10 minute trainer workout increases your metabolic rates thus increasing the muscle power and at the same time burning out the fats in the body.

What are the advantages of this mode of exercise?

The greatest advantage of this mode of routine is that you can perform this in your own home at your own free time. This also provides you will an additional advantage that there are less chances of injury to your body at the same time there is an increase in the metabolic rate in the body thus burning more fats.

If you are a busy person with little or no time or have to take care of kids at home then this is the best program as it is a very flexible one that will help you get rid of the stubborn fats in the body at the same time it will help you tone up not only your buttocks, abs, lower and upper body but also many other parts too.

This extensive program comes with a efficient training program along with a set of 4 DVD’s that provides you with workouts that vary from one session to another thus giving you something new to work upon.

The contents of the DVD’s are:

  1. To help you to work out your entire body and also help you to complete them within no time.
  2. The Cardio DVD comes with different methods to burn out the excessive calories to maintain a good and healthy heart at the same time to regulate the blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital organs to remain normal even when your energy level as well as your metabolic rates is high.
  3. The lower body DVD helps you to attain sexy legs and b.
  4. Teaches you Yoga flex to help tone up your entire body as well as the limbs.

Though this is no magic exercise program you need to do work outs to get the desired results.

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