Review: What is so Special about the Hip-Hop Abs?

What is Hip-Hop Abs program? Is this better than other such programs and is it really a number 1 fitness program?

This is one such program that stands apart from other such muscle building programs is that Hip Hop Abs DVD series is amongst the best fitness program as it does not involve any kind of strict diets or even the use of diet supplements or pills or for that matter even medications.

Here the focus is mainly on your training rather than any other form of as this program believes in exercising your body so as to stay fit and it also teaches you to follow a right kind of diet, helping you to achieve your goal.

Here the exercise is in the form of dance which targets the mid section of your body as this is the place where the fat usually gets accumulated. This is a fun exercise as you will enjoy the dance form without any tensions as you will feel that you are actually in a dance bar or club but will be in your own home working on this dance form.

This program comes with a set of 4 DVD’s and each one contains a separate routine so on the whole each session is mainly centered on toning up your abdominal muscles and other areas where there is accumulation of fats thus helping burn them up.

Created by Shaun T this program lays emphasis on three aspects i.e. tilt, tuck and tighten. These 3 T’s are easy to do and remember as they help you work on your upper abs, the middle and lower abs along with the oblique muscles of your body. This dance form focuses as the name goes on the hip hop style which is not only interesting but also entertaining and fun to do.

What are the advantages of this style?

The most ideal one to increase your abs muscles without the strain of kicks and other faster moves. The music is similar to the ones that you would hear on the radio or the television and love to dance to the tunes. This is the most suitable program for all especially one for those who love to take up challenges and also have a passion for dance and want to feel the beats of music.

The disadvantage of this is that you may not be accustomed to hip hop music and may not be a good dancer too. Then this program may pose to be a major challenge to you but then if you are determined to lose those unwanted fats then this is the best way to loosen up is to learn the steps and develop this as a new hobby.

The extra benefit of this program is that you get three hours of dancing along with a complete program guide with a nutritional plan too. Furthermore this helps you to increase as well as improve your stamina and energy level without the use of diet supplements or medications for that matter.

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