Drug Recovery: 5 Tips for Success

When struggling with drug addiction, it can seem like you are trapped in a constant cycle of abuse, resolve to get off drugs, and relapses back into drug usage habits. Stopping an addiction is a long process that requires the help of a host of medical professionals, friends, spiritual counselors, and supportive family members. If you want to be free from drugs once and for all, try some of the following 5 tips that will help you along the road to permanent recovery.

Go through withdrawal treatment
The first step in any drug recovery program is detoxing. This can be one of the hardest stages of drug recovery because your body is used to the drugs and craves them. Weaning off drugs can be painful and dangerous, so it is important to have a qualified medically-based withdrawal treatment plan to help you through the initial recovery process. Medically-assisted withdrawal treatments can help reduce cravings and remove some of the pain of drug withdrawal side effects.

Try a whole-person treatment rehab facility
After the initial withdrawal period, some drug users may feel like their treatment plan is completed. However, just treating the addiction medically will often result in relapses and the return to drug abuse. A whole-person treatment facility will help create a program for helping addicts stop their drug addiction permanently. Effective treatment centers help with craving treatments, mental fortification, and behavioral changes that are effective tools for remaining drug-free for the rest of your life.

Learn coping strategies and behavioral modification techniques
It is easy to stay clean in a rehab center where the temptation to abuse drugs is no longer present. An addict may feel like they have fully recovered from their addiction, but once he or she returns to the “real world” the addict may find it difficult to avoid falling back into former drug use habits. Learning coping mechanisms for cravings and behavioral modification techniques will make it easier to resist cravings and maintain a drug-free life after rehab.

Stay in therapy long-term
A variety of therapy and rehab treatment plans exist. Most people do not stay in rehab centers for more than a few months. However, it can take years to recover fully from drug addiction. For this reason, it is important to remain in therapy and support programs for drug addiction throughout the rest of your life. Being with like-minded friends can help keep your resolve strong and help you avoid falling back into addiction.

Create a relapse emergency plan
In therapy, an addict learns the mindset or actions that trigger drug loss. Create a plan for dealing with these feelings once you leave rehab. The recovery steps may include attending an emergency therapy session, calling a sponsor, or spending a few days in a rehab center.

Following the above tips will help any addict have a much higher chance of making a full recovery from drug addiction. When you make the decision to get clean, it is important to have a plan in mind to prevent relapse and falling back into your old patterns of addiction and drug abuse.

This guest post was provided by Stanley Martinson. Stanley has a myriad of interests but has recently been compelled to write about drug addiction as well as drug rehab, for more info on this subject, click here.

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