5 Celebrities Who Conquered Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious health problem that can have lifetime consequences. For many people addicted to drugs, their lives are continual cycles of getting out of addiction and falling back into the trap of addiction.

Many celebrities are no different from other drug addicts. Even though many celebrities go into rehab each year, it is common to hear about the same celebrity just a few months or years later falling right back into addiction and requiring further rehab. Although conquering drug addiction is tough, it is not impossible. The following five celebrities were able to conquer their drug addictions and live a successful sober lifestyle.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie was addicted to a variety of drugs including street drugs and alcohol. Her youth was filled with indiscretions of drug abuse and erratic behavior. However, after a few years of drug abuse, Angelina determined to get clean. She entered a rehab program, sobered up, and has not returned to drugs since.

Today, she is happy and healthy with six children of her own to care for and one of the most profitable Hollywood careers in the business. She spends much of her free time involved in philanthropic efforts around the globe.

Fergie was introduced to fame at an early age, which may have influenced her decision to start frequent drug use. She first used ecstasy and then turned to meth, which ruined her career for several years. After a few years of drug addiction, Fergie determined to get clean and entered a drug rehab program that helped her manage her addiction and conquer the cravings.

As of 2013, Fergie has remained clean and sober for 15 years. She now has a successful career with the Black Eyed Peas, a popular fashion line, and is married to actor Josh Duhamel.

Nicole Richie
It is no question that Nicole Richie was a train wreck thanks to addiction to heroin, vicodin, marijuana, and other hard drugs. Her gaunt frame showed just how malnourished she was and how damaging the effects of drug abuse can be. Sometime soon after 2006, she determined to clean up her act and entered the appropriate drug rehabilitation programs for her addictions.

Today, Nicole is highly successful, with a popular fashion line, two children, a successful marriage, is a host on the reality show “Fashion Star,” and a popular book loosely based on her life story.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson is famous for his explosive personality and rages. Throughout his life, he has battled with addiction to drugs several times. His main drug of choice was cocaine.

In 2011, he revealed that he had entered treatment once again for his addictions and now lives a sober lifestyle.

Perhaps no one in Hollywood has had such a troubled career path as Eminem. Throughout his life, he struggled with addition to prescription drugs.

Since the late 2000s, Eminem has conqured his drug addiction, and was able to record and release a highly sucuessful album, titled “Recovery” in 2010.

These five celebrities are examples of how it is possible to recover from drug addiction. It may be a lifelong battle, but it is possible to regain control of your life and lead a sober, successful lifestyle after recovering from drug addiction of any kind.

This article was submitted by contributing author Stanley Martinson. Stanley is a health writer and is currently focused on issues of drug abuse. For more information regarding this subject, read this!

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