Physiotherapy: A Wide Range of Services

It has taken a long time for physiotherapy to become the practice that we know today. In fact, the first instances of physiotherapy occurred thousands of years ago. Luckily, modern science has come a long way since then and the days of basic massage and hydrotherapy have spiralled into a roster of available services.

The main goal of any physiotherapist is to improve a broad range of physical issues and limitations. Modern methods of physiotherapy began with exercise, massage and manipulations to the spine and joints. While this is a solid foundation, more and more practices have been introduced as east meets west. In larger cities, a fusion of traditional and new world practices are used to provide efficient and necessary care to clients. Take Burrard Physiotherapy in Downtown Vancouver, this established practice has curated a broad range of services that appeal to clients with issues across each system of the body. Yoga classes, for example, are increasingly trendy but they are also able to treat both the mind and body. Musculoskeletal concerns are also addressed with acupuncture, shockwave therapy and intramuscular stimulation. It is easy to be caught up in muscles and joints but cardio care is always in focus with physiotherapists. With the increasing advances in technology, established firms can offer options for clients at any physical state with bike fit services and anti-gravity treadmill options.

Chronic pain can occur over time through the development of arthritis and other unseen ailments but there can also be a catalyst like a vehicle collision or other such accident. Many clinics on the west coast offer specialized services that are directly related to ICBC and Worker’s Compensation Board claims, as well as active rehabilitation services designed to get clients back on their feet – and keep them there!

Far from helping patients simply manage their existing pain, a constantly evolving industry helps to reach maximum physical potential, all while improving quality of life. Physiotherapists create individualized treatment plans that cater to client needs and promotes well-being of a physical, mental and social nature.

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