Dermitage Review – Does Dermitage Works?

People fighting cellulite now have a new weapon in their arsenal: Dermitage. This product promises to get rid of cellulite the Brazilian way with all natural ingredients.

The idea behind Dermitage is that the formula of all natural ingredients such as Soybean extract and Spirulina will get rid of 50% of cellulite if used over a 42 day period. The product’s makers also claim that it will make skin 60% more elastic and 50% smoother over the same period.

The ads for Dermitage make it look more like one of the high end moisturizing skin and anti-aging products sold in department and drug stores than the usual online skin care product. Like the high end products Dermitage seems to rely on attractive models more than claims of effectiveness in its advertising.

How Dermitage Works

Dermitage actually consists of two products: a toning gel and a spray-on soap. The application of the product is fairly simple: Users rub the toning gel on their bodies and use the soap to get it off.

The gel acts as a moisturizer which restores the skin while the soap tightens the skin. The combination of these products is supposed to restore the skin to its useful vigor.

Dermitage breaks down cellulite through the constant release of its active ingredients. This means that the product continually fights cellulite all day.

To get the promised results a person will have to use the product for 42 days. During this period the product will break down the cellulite and firm up the skin.

Active Ingredients

Like many of the skin care products on the market today, Dermitage touts its all natural ingredients. These all natural ingredients are supposed to make the gel and soap safe for use on sensitive skin

The active ingredient in the gel is Spirulina an extract made from algae. Spirulina is rich in a number of vitamins and nutrients. These include protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid, and vitamins B, C, D, and A. Some people also think Spirulina is a good source of Vitmain B12 although the American Dietetic Association disputes these claims.

The gel also contains Catuaba a supplement harvested from the bark of some Brazilian trees. The Catuaba is supposed to break down dimple fat deposits.

The active ingredient in the spray soap is soy isoflavones an extract which is made from soybeans. This ingredient is supposed to firm the skin after the fat is broken down. Soy is a good source of protein.

Should You Buy Dermitage?

Dermitage does seem to be more reputable than some of the skin products on the market. Its makers do disclose their ingredients and make a point of using practical less exotic ingredients such as soy even though they try to spin them as something special.

They also offer a money back guarantee and do promise to donate $1 from every order to breast cancer research. It be must be noted that the ad doesn’t state whether this research occurs in the US or Brazil.

One questionable practice Dermitage does engage in is not revealing its price $99.95 for a standard supply until customers have ordered a free trial offer. Customers will have to pay for shipping when they order the free trial offer.

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