Flirty Girl Fitness Review

The most off beat and unusual trend in fitness is pole dancing. Pole dancing refers to the moves done by dancers around poles at strip clubs.

Many ordinary women have taken up pole dancing in imitation of the women of the night. Even though it sounds weird pole dancing is actually pretty good exercise that can give a woman a good work out. It’s also a lot of fun for women who have a sense of humor about it.

Naturally there are a number of exercise programs designed to cash in on this odd craze. The most popular of these is the aptly named Flirty Girl Fitness Program.

Flirty Girl

The Flirty Girl Fitness Program is an exercise regimen based on the movements and gimmicks used by modern strippers and old time burlesque performers. These include pole dancing, dancing around a chair and dancing with a boa.

Flirty Girl was designed by two Canadian sisters with the interesting names of Kerry and Krista Knee. The Knee sisters have cashed in on Flirty Girl in a big way with several DVDs. They also sell Flirty Girl dancing kits and even strippers’ poles at their website.

Does Flirty Girl Work?

Yes, Flirty Girl is real exercise. It will give you a really good cardiovascular workout and could help you loose weight and get in shape if you stick with it.

The advantage to Flirty Girl is that it is fun so some women may stick with it when they’d abandon traditional exercise. Women who like to dance and perform but find themselves bored by traditional exercise regimens could benefit from Flirty Girl. Ladies who are looking for some variety in their exercise might also try Flirty Girl.

The Flirty Girl Program will probably have to be combined with other kinds of exercise such as weight training for maximum benefit. It is best to ask your doctor which exercises you should add to the program for the best results.

It must be noted that from a practical standpoint, Flirty Girl isn’t any different from many of the other dance based exercise programs out there. The only difference is the sense of humor and the sexy overtones.

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