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Drug Recovery: 4 Tips for Maintaining Sobriety after Treatment

Drug rehab is an important step in the recovery process from drug addiction. However, rehab programs are only a small piece of total addiction recovery. After leaving the treatment facility, it is up to the former drug addict to remain clean throughout the rest of his or her life. After treatment, it is easy to […]

5 Celebrities Who Conquered Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious health problem that can have lifetime consequences. For many people addicted to drugs, their lives are continual cycles of getting out of addiction and falling back into the trap of addiction. Many celebrities are no different from other drug addicts. Even though many celebrities go into rehab each year, it […]

Drug Recovery: 5 Tips for Success

When struggling with drug addiction, it can seem like you are trapped in a constant cycle of abuse, resolve to get off drugs, and relapses back into drug usage habits. Stopping an addiction is a long process that requires the help of a host of medical professionals, friends, spiritual counselors, and supportive family members. If […]

Drug Recovery: Getting Help

If you feel you have a problem with drug addiction, then you have already accomplished the first step in the recovery process. Just like the old cliché, admitting the problem is the first step of the recovery process. However, admitting you have a problem is not enough. You must also take action to prevent drug […]