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The True Meaning Of herbal and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is usually sought by people who have been suffering from some pain or disease for some time, and have not actually found much relief with the treatment offered by doctors. However before you actually try out any form of alternative medicine, it is important that you learn something about alternative medicine as not all types of alternative medicine will be right for you.

Alternative treatment is basically a form of therapeutic practice, which is not a part of the traditional or convention form of medical treatment. Some people turn to alternative medicine as they consider it a natural means of getting better from their health problems.

Some forms of alternative medicine have coverage by medical insurance while others don’t. Herbal medicine, music therapy, folk medicine, therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, massage therapy, homeopathy, faith healing and new age healing are the most popular forms of alternative therapy. There are also some non-western forms of alternative medicine doing its rounds like Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, reiki and gi gong.

Besides these famous forms of alternative medicine, there are also less commonly practiced forms of alternative medicine like biofield therapy that works on using your ‘energy fields’ to heal you. Then there is the other form of alternative therapy like bioelectrical magnetic therapy that uses pulse and magnetic fields to help treat you.

It is usually the terminally ill that resorts to alternative medicine to cure their diseases. Aids and cancer patients prefer alternative medicine as cancer patients can use alternative medicine instead of the traditional chemotherapy or radiation therapy. There are also people who use alternative medicine to heal ailments like back pain and migraine.

These people prefer using alternative medicine like aromatherapy, herbal therapy and sound therapy instead of traditional painkillers for relief from these health conditions. It is interesting to learn that alternative medicine is today also used on animals. Some of the forms of alternative medicine used on animals include herbal therapy and acupuncture.

However before you actually consider using any form of alternative therapy to cure your health problem, it is important that you remember that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of alternative medicine. There have never been any scientific studies conducted to prove that alternative medicine is safe, or if they actually do work for diseases or ailments they are used for.

This is why it is better for you to talk to your doctor before starting on any alternative medicine. Make sure that your doctor thinks that it is safe to pursue alternative medicine, and that it will not bring any harm on you, before starting it.

You find that there are many forms of alternative medicines for you to choose from. It is up to you to read up more about the individual forms of alternative medicine, and decide on the best option for you. You can learn more about the different forms of alternative medicine by discussing it with your doctor, or by doing some research on them via the internet. You are pretty sure to find some form of alternative medicine that works best for you.

For a list of the most widely and commonly used herbal medicines, take a look at the left side of the menu.

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