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When summer comes and holiday comes as well, half of the feminine population is getting desperate: “On the seaside, with cellulite on the hips and buttocks? How to get undressed, if your skin is full of creases? ” That’s true, a magic formula has not been discovered yet, instead, a new gymnastics program can reduce visibly the disaster.

Elastic cord training

The exercises program we present you has direct effect upon the areas affected by cellulite: abdomen, buttocks and the upper part of your legs, acting upon the deep layers of the muscles. Who practices this exercise three times a week will improve blood circulation rapidly and in the same time the unaesthetic aspect of the skin. You can see the first results after 4 weeks and after 2 months the tissues look like new ones. How is this possible? It is extremely easy. The resistance opposed by the elastic cord makes each exercise boost its efficiency 4 times. Don’t forget to breathe deeply during the exercise. Each exercise is performed in three series of 15 movements each (a total of 45 movements). Take short breaks between the exercises, in order to relax. Important: warm your hands before starting exercises, in order to avoid muscular tension. Solution: 5 minutes of walking on the spot, knees up.

The elastic cord – if you are a beginner in the domain of sport, use a weaker elastic. If you take up exercises regularly, use wide and strong elastic.

Steps on the spot

With the elastic cord wrapped around your ankles, step laterally as far as you can, moving beside the next leg as well. Move right, left, alternatively. Your knees remain slightly bent and your back must be straight.

Circular movements - With your face turned to the wall, aim your arms against it. The elastic is wrapped around the ankles. Move your right leg to the left, describing in front of you a circle arch, then move it back. Repeat the movement with your left leg. The tips of your fingers must be tense and upwards.

Resistance - Lie on your back, with the elastic wrapped around your ankles. Your arms are straight along your body and your palms fix the elastic on the floor. Raise your head, your shoulder and your left leg, without loosing the elastic resistance. Repeat the movement with the right leg. Each movement takes 4 seconds.

Pendulum - Laid on your back, pass the elastic under your left foot and over the right foot ankle! Stretch your right leg and raise it as much as the elastic allows you. Repeat the movement 15 times then change the leg.

Elevator - Pass the elastic over the ankle of your left leg and over your right foot. Kneel, aiming on your bent arms. Stretch your right leg backwards and balance it, as much as the elastic allows you, upwards and downwards. Change the side.

Lateral swing - Lie on the right side, your head against your bent hand. The elastic surrounds your ankles. Raise your left leg as up as you can, trying to overcome the resistance created. Change the side. Each movement should repeat 3 x 15 times.

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