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Design Your Life To Work For You

Sometimes it's not the most talented, gifted or exceptional people that reach the top. So, what's stopping us?

The difference between you and him, my mend, is the way you think. Carruthers knew what he wanted and was prepared to go for it. But do you know where you're going or are you simply floating around in a small boat without a rudder on the sea of 'I haven't got a clue'?

Sorting you out

When the famous industrialist Andrew Carnegie set Napoleon Hill the task of finding out what made successful people successful Napoleon found out a few vital top secrets from all the hundreds of successful people he interviewed. One of these jewels was that you have to be definite in your purpose or you don't get to your destination. Definiteness of purpose is just another way of saying goal setting - know where you're going and make a plan to achieve it! In the great man's own words: 'We live in a world of overabundance and everything the heart could desire, with nothing standing between us and our desires, excepting lack of a definite purpose.'

Most people will have heard the story about the Harvard University Class of 1954 where they measured those who had set goals against those who had failed to. Those that had set goals ended up much richer, far happier and with more free time.

Go an get a pen and paper right now and start listing the things you want to do or have. You must be specific when you write down your goals. If, for example, you want a car, then specify what type of car you want or you might end up with an old banger (if that's what you do want, then be my guest). Next, set a time when you want to have achieved each thing by and, finally, make a plan of how you might achieve this. This is natural territory for a life coach - it's powerful stuff but only if you get it off the page and start doing it folks! Having someone to spur you along is a great way of ensuring that goals are ticked off.

Visualisation is a powerful way to reinforce goals and it can sometimes produce some astounding results. Many years ago, I was between apartments and wanted somewhere big in a great, central location, with very little rent to pay. Highly unlikely! However, the next day a friend of mine left a message asking whether I knew anyone who wanted to look after a two bedroom flat right in the part of town I'd had my mind on. I paid very little for it too.

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