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Acne is common, every teenager in this world at least most of them grew up with a zit or two. Now the growing up hormones or mostly the surrounding or mostly genes cause the zits. However there are creams that help you get rid of the Acne and there are many in todays market that help you rid of the same.

There is an acne cream called Acutance that is most popular in the market and is used as the last resort to cure acne. It contains Vitamin A and is a medicated acne cream. It is used for more than a period of four to five months, after which a person can see visible changes in the skin. However this kind of cream is given to patients who are highly prone to acne and is also very necessary to consult a doctor. No one should use this without the supervision of a dermatologist. It is very risky and people who are using this should go through regular blood check up.

There are medicated acne creams and few are natural. Let’s talk about the medicated ones, these are the kinds that you put on the acne for few minutes and they dry the acne and they act as what you call an exfoliant. Benzoyl and Salycic are the chemicals that are used in these kinds of chemical creams. If you have delicate and sensitive skin then you have to use a cream that has more of Salycic rather than Benzoyl. Also the more the amount of chemical the faster the drying of the acne, it is a myth that the more the chemical content is faster the acne cures. Try and consult a doctor before you try out any of the acne creams.

Natural products or creams are usually extracted from plants, herbs. They take a little longer time to get rid of the acne. They work around the acne and also ensure the area around the skin is smoothened. Most of the natural acne creams contain Aloe vera or Vitamin E and more. Acne creams that are natural are not necessarily mild. So a person should be careful while using these on the skin. A proper and thorough advice of a doctor must be taken before you try out any of the acne creams on your skin.

There are many natural acne creams available in today’s market. Here is a list of few.

Natural Proactive Acne Cream – this cream not only cures acne, but also brings back the vitality of the skin. It repairs and helps you reduce the acne by balancing on treatment and beauty.

Anti-Acne Natural Cream – this cream does not have any kind of side effects on your skin. It in fact is used not only to treat acne but also to treat acne rosacea.

Choose your acne cream very wisely and once you use a cream stick to it instead of trying many. It takes time for the acne to clear and no hurry should be taken when it comes to skin care. The care must be held as delicately as the skin.

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