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Chemotherapy Guidelines

Chemotherapy drugs are vital to eliminate cancer from the system. They help in treating cancer. Nausea, hair loss and sickness are some of the problems as associated with side effects of chemotherapy. But there are a few guidelines that you must keep in mind while dealing with chemotherapy issue.

Just before you start the chemotherapy, you must see to it that you have all the possible information on this topic. You must also talk to the doctor in connection to the goals of treatment and the drugs as well as their side effects that you will be dealing with during chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs come in so many ways. They can be taken intravenously; they can be taken orally or by way of injections.

It is important to note that chemotherapy comes with many side effects. Chemotherapy is therefore considered as a last option when the doctor feels that nothing else will work. You may even talk to your doctor in connection to the herbal and natural remedies that are available. You must take certain measures that will support or boost the immune system. You must understand that most commonly, fatigue, tiredness and other side effects are associated with this form of treatment.

You must also be careful about certain things. If you are planning to have kids in future and if your doctor tells you that this treatment will affect fertility then you must get the eggs/sperms freeze. You must prepare your body with good and healthy food that will give you enough energy. Also you must take vitamin supplements at least one month before this therapy is started. Take everything that is healthy say animal fats, healthy diets, nuts, dry fruits, vegetables and fruits. Avoid high sodium and high caffeine foods.

It is vital that just before you start the chemotherapy you must consult a herbal practitioner. While you are on chemotherapy make it a point to drink 3 liters of filtered water everyday. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Perform yoga. It will give you good amount of energy and power. Breathing exercises will also work wonders. After chemotherapy take detox so that your system is completely cleaned. It is important to note that the effect of chemotherapy will remain for 6 weeks more after stopping the treatment. While the chemotherapy treatment is going on it is important to stimulate and boost both mind as well as the body. This will help you in getting the required strength. You must work towards increasing the focus and positive thoughts. And this will be possible if you read positive things, have positive talks and listen to soulful and soothing music. Such things will help in making you positive and ready for chemotherapy treatment. You will have to be mentally as well as physically be prepared for chemotherapy. It will need lots of will power and mental strength. But once you find that you have accumulated lots of will power then you will definitely get more strength to deal with side effects as associated with chemotherapy.

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