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Chemotherapy Risks

There are many risks as associated with chemotherapy. This is what experts indicate. But in reality, there is no such treatment as effective as chemotherapy. This is the treatment in which the drugs that are administered help in slowing down the cancer cells growth and also helps in stopping the further growth.

It is true that chemotherapy is an effective remedy but it comes with package of some side effects. These include nausea, hair loss, memory loss lack of concentration, low appetite and lot more. Patients who receive chemotherapy may fall sick because of levels of low white blood cells.

It is important to note that patients who undergo chemotherapy often feel that their resistance has fallen. Thus patients who have tissue infections and open wounds or have problems like cardiovascular disease must be extra careful.

Chemotherapy can be given either at the doctor’s clinic or at your own home. It can even be given at the hospital. Neutropenia (a low white blood cell count), anemia (a low red blood cell count), thrombocytopenia (a low blood platelet count), nausea, and hair loss are some of the very common side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy results in poor immune system. And that’s why many people feel that since chemotherapy has so many side effects, it must be resisted. But one must not underestimate the power of chemotherapy. It is vital to weigh the risks and benefits of each option that is available. But only after talking to the doctor you must take the decision as to what kind of treatment you want to opt for. Anemia is very common during chemotherapy treatment. And thus the treatment used in this is red blood cell transfusions and erythropoietin-stimulating agents. But certain things that you must keep in mind are that you must eat proper and maintain energy reserves. Chemotherapy will put goo amount of pressure on the patient and thus you must stay positive and relaxed. It is vital that patients should prepare themselves both physically as well as mentally before just before chemotherapy is being taken up. And cancer itself is really a big problem for people. And to add to the woes there are side effects as associated with chemotherapy. You will need help of a counselor. The counselor will help you in dealing with various problems, as faced by you. The basic aim of the counselor is to reduce the problems as associated with cancer and its therapy. If the counselor feels that this therapy is causing many problems to the patient then he may prescribe some other form of treatment which not be quite effective enough to increase the span of life but at least it may be relevant as far as quality of life is concerned. There are many people who consider other options as more viable than chemotherapy. Increasing the dependence on other simple forms of treatment like creative visualization, positive thoughts, and meditation and breathing techniques will work in your favor. Thus, for cancer you will need some or the other treatment.

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