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Mesothelioma Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is helpful in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer drugs to eradicate cancerous cells. Chemotherapy drugs work by disrupting the growth of cells that are affected with cancer. And thus with chemotherapy you can expect recovery. Although, it is important to note that chemotherapy comes with a package of side effects. As far as Mesothelioma cancer is concerned, it is important to note that it is quite rare. In this the membrane that works as the cover for lungs and heart gets affected.

Not only heart but also stomach may get affected. The main cause of this form of cancer is asbestos exposure. This is a deadly form of cancer. People who work at asbestos mines get affected with this form of cancer. Also people working in certain manufacturing companies as ship building field get affected.

It is worth noting that chemotherapy works towards controlling mesothelioma. Thus the symptoms will get a bit controlled and so the quality of life will be enhanced. The survival period can be extended. But this does not mean that chemotherapy can completely cure this form of cancer. The symptoms will only be controlled but it is actually difficult to completely cure this cancer. There will be different combinations of chemotherapy drugs used in this treatment.

The pills are mostly required to be swallowed. And some drugs also come in intravenous injections form. In this systemic therapy the medicine goes into the blood stream and works towards destroying the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy drugs are in the form of swallowed in pill form or they are injected intravenously or intramuscularly. Chemotherapy is systemic therapy which means that chemotherapy drug administered into the bloodstream which circulates throughout the body and destroys the cancer cells.

The list of drugs include Alimta, Navelbine, (Tomudex) etc. The doctor may use single or combination drugs as he may feel apt at that time. The most common combination of drug is cisplatin and gemcitabine. If someone can not tolerate two drugs then in that case he/she is administered with single drug therapy.

It is worth noting that chemotherapy also damages the healthy cells. And thus there might be certain side effects that are experienced while someone undergoes chemotherapy. Chemo therapy can lead to fall in white blood cell count. There are also problems like nausea, sores, and vomits, loss of memory, fatigue and tiredness. In case when the chemotherapy is planned to be done, the white blood cell count is too low then in such a case the chemotherapy treatment is postponed.

You must say the doctor as to what kind of side effects did you experience with one or two sessions of chemotherapy. This will help him make the analysis as to which is the drug suitable to you or what should be the form of treatment that you require. Remember, this treatment helps in achieving a better life span. But due to certain side effects the quality of life may be compromised. You have to take the final decision.

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