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Preoperative Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treats cancer. The drugs used here or the chemicals that are used will kill cancerous cells. It will also control growth of cancer. There are many different methods that are included in the category of chemotherapy. Some of the methods include preoperative chemotherapy, single drug chemotherapy and combination chemotherapy, postoperative chemotherapy.

Talking about preoperative chemotherapy treatment in this the drugs is given to patient prior to cancer surgery or radical radiotherapy. Preoperative chemotherapy makes the tumor shrunk. As soon as this effect takes place surgery can be done. Thus, the complications in connection to the cancer surgery can be kept to the minimal extent. This is mainly used in breast cancer at the advanced stage.

The best thing about this therapy is that preoperative chemotherapy can increase the quality of life and it also helps in improving life. Even the cancer of head and neck at the advanced stage can be used. Soon after this therapy is done there will be surgery. Even in gastric cancer it is seen that the chances of survival of the patient. Even in ovarian cancer this therapy can be applied so that the surgery can be a success. However, it is important to note that this therapy will not be responsible for prevention of any further problems. The drugs that are used in preoperative chemotherapy are quite toxic and it may have several side effects including vomits, nausea, sickness, loss of memory, unexplained loss of weight, low appetite etc. However, this statement must not make the patient afraid of this treatment. It has benefits but there may be side effects. And the nature of effects differs and depends. Not everyone will have to face those severe side effects that would lead to diminishing quality of life. The side effects occur also on account of the stage of cancer and the condition of the patient. In the later stages of cancer the immune system has already disrupted which may make the side effects worse.

This therapy is also termed as presurgical chemotherapy. In treating cancer when the cell or tumor is too large then it is recommended to first make the tumor small and this will be possible with preoperative chemotherapy. And then after this operation can be taken up to completely remove the tumor. And this therapy is therefore better because it helps in reducing the complications. This therapy helps in improving the quality of life and increases the patient’s chances of survival.

But the patient must be mentally prepared for the side effects that may be caused on account of this therapy. Some risks are there but they are worth taking if you want to increase the life span. It may even happen that cancer may be eradicated completely. However, even after there is complete eradication of cancer, one has to be quite cautious as far as health is concerned. The patient needs to be very alert and must go to the doctor if some symptoms come into picture. Word of caution must be maintained even after complete wellness pot cancer.

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